Born in Carrollton, Georgia, the sixth of seven children, Faye Raye began singing in church – a focal point of her childhood and a place where she sought and found acceptance, strength and inspiration. When she was four, the family relocated to Atlanta where the diversity of urban life led her to explore a range of musical forms from the classical repertoire to soul, folk and rhythm & blues.

During Faye's teen years, three exceptionally caring teachers sensed unusual potential and intervened with special guidance and personal encouragement that helped carry her forward. The result was her study of operatic technique and a level of overall accomplishment that earned her a full music scholarship to college.

Four years later, as an honors graduate, Faye again expanded her horizons when she accepted an invitation to tour, both in the U.S. and abroad, with the group “Up With People”. Upon the group's return, Faye embarked on a recording career, working once more with “Up With People” and then as producer, writer and singer on a CD project for Maxxis 2000.

As she continued to work as a studio vocalist, Faye took on a succession of projects-for-hire that included recording a song for Super Bowl XVI's halftime show and assignments as a singer with “Solid Gold” & “Sounds of Atlanta.” Throughout, Faye's distinctive voice repeatedly turned heads — at one point garnering her a New York gig at the insistence of jazz trumpeter Chuck Mangione. It was also during this period that she took up the guitar, married and had her daughter, Christina.

By 2001, life's challenges and inevitable transitions led Faye to look more deeply into herself. With music as her refuge and source of strength, she began to write in a way she never had before. Feelings and experiences transformed themselves into music and she found herself expressing personal stories about life, love, pain and lessons learned. A number of these songs were recorded and released on her first CD – “I've Got A Story To Tell” that was released in September of 2004.