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BuzzOn: Faye Raye, She's Got A Story To Tell

When Faye Raye began the first few bars of Over The Rainbow, the conversation at my table...quieted to a hush. All eyes and ears turned to the stage guided by the inspirational and soothing sounds humbly bellowing from singer, songwriter & guitarist Faye Raye. Although singing a classic, we felt as if it was the first time it had ever been sung before.

It was my first time hearing Faye Raye. But as her story continued through the song, we would become very familiar. She reminded me of Lena Horne, in that her voice and style were all her own....

Broadcast Commentary

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Faye Raye delivers an emotional, soulful, story in her debut release, I've Got A Story To Tell. Leaving no stone unturned, Faye Raye boldly, and impressively displays her array of creative offerings as a vocalist, guitarist, and composer.

I've Got A Story To Tell features a melodic songbook showcasing this artist's ability to write and produce her own material, as well as delivering these tunes in a colorful, uplifting, spiritual triumph.

Faye Raye definitely has a story to tell. We should all be better human beings, we just need to take the precious time to sit, listen, and learn.

WCLK DJ Renee Williams

What fans are saying ...

  Faye Raye's Message Touches Everybody

This CD is soothing to the soul. Her control is exquisite. Her spirit comes through pure.

 - Allean Morrow-Young - Chicago IL (on CD Baby)

  Heart Pumping! Soul Wakening! Posture Alterating!

Only 5 stars were available, but this is a reeeaall TEN! About the first 15 times I listened, I was mesmerized, but totally present and in it--the music; the lyrics; the phrasing; the voice; the passion; the force; the spirit--I couldn't tear myself away. I've a new FAVORITE artist in Faye Raye. This CD changes you, if you will listen and let it. I dance in my inner and outer being EVERY TIME I listen... which is quite frequently. Thanks, Faye. God bless you and yours!

 - Karen SoBlessed (on CD Baby)

  Because your music came from your heart it reached and touched mine.

I know you because I relate to your Soul, your Heart and your Spirit. This is a lot more than just music, it is a body of work derived from a life lived in full and without smoke screens, excuses or apologies. I love it, share it and will definately promote and sell it. ROCK ON. AGAPE!!! Achini.

 - George Achini (on CD Baby)